A Raising Godly Girls Guide to 
Gender & Identity

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Girls today are growing up in a cloud of confusion around their gender and identity. This guide gives you the knowledge, tools, and Scripture-based advice to speak truth on gender and identity and, in turn, raise up a Godly girl. If you parent, educate, minister to, or ever interact with girls, this resource is for you!  Download this Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender & Identity presented by American Heritage Girls, the premier character and leadership development program for girls ages 5 to 18.

What to Expect


Timely, Biblical Wisdom

Gender and identity are part of everyday conversations for you and the girl in your life. This Raising Godly Girls Guide will offer some Biblical insight on this pervasive issue.


Conversation Starters

Ready to have the gender and identity conversation with the girl in your life, but not sure where to begin? Utilize the list of questions to ask and the activity page to get started.

Key Terminology

One key step in having a productive and fruitful discussion about gender and identity with your girl is coming prepared. Read up on key terms she's already hearing or using so you stay in the know.

Heart Alignment

The gender and identity conversation can be stressful, even relationship-damaging, without the right heart posture. Prayerfully prepare yourself using the applicable advice shared in this e-book.


This e-book was written for all those looking to raise a Godly girl. Whether your daughter is currently searching for her identity, she’s surrounded by classmates and peers struggling with confusion, or she only ever sees the topic portrayed on seemingly harmless TV shows—this e-book, and our prayers, are for you.


As you approach the conversation around gender and identity with your daughter, you may feel hesitant—perhaps afraid to say the “wrong thing” or start an argument. These feelings show you are a compassionate and concerned parent! With Christ, we have the power to overcome this fear and bask in the truth of the Gospel. 

When we speak truth in love, we allow room in our lives for the Spirit to move, grow, and influence. Rest assured in the words of 2 Corinthians 12:9—in our weakness, God’s grace abounds.

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